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ACER Select - General (numerical reasoning ability)

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Purpose: To assess verbal and numerical reasoning ability.

Employment categories:

  • General Select: technical, administrative, customer service and sales positions, where in-service training, part-time or after-work study is involved.
  • Professional Select: graduate recruitment, managerial or leadership roles, where the work requires a high level of reasoning ability, or where these qualities will become increasingly important as staff are promoted.

Administration: Verbal: 15 minutes; Numerical: 20 minutes

Content: ACER Select is a quick and easily administered test of verbal and numerical reasoning, suitable for recruitment for a variety of occupations from sales and clerical to junior management and graduate selection.

ACER Select consists of two tests, each with two separate sections – Verbal and Numerical. The four tests can be used separately or together to provide maximum flexibility in a range of recruitment scenarios.