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SPQ*Gold - Sales Preference Questionnaire

The SPQ*Gold/Full Spectrum Advocacy (FSA) is the only test in the world that measures all known forms of Call Reluctance.® It also includes estimates of Call Reluctance impostors, test taking behaviors and more.

The FSA was constructed to provide important diagnostic insights into several dimensions associated with initiating contact for advocacy or self-promotion purposes.  The “fear of self-promotion” is the general condition that gets in the way when people feel uncomfortable making their talents and contributions known to those who can help them reach their goals.  When it affects salespeople, it’s called sales Call Reluctance.  Sales call reluctance is a condition which limits what sales professionals achieve by emotionally limiting the number of prospecting contacts they make.

Originally conceptualized and developed in the 1970s by Behavioral Sciences Research Press, SPQ Gold and the SPQ FSA are the subjects of more than 35 years of ongoing research, and is the only measure of its kind. While popular “broadband” assessments can be quite helpful in work settings, the narrow scope of the FSA allows users to determine if a salesperson will be able to comfortably initiate contact.

SPQ*Gold/FSA Features:

  • Targeted focus on contact initiation, the core competency of selling
  • Innovative Dudley-Goodson LERA™ Response Format – no guessing what the candidate meant to say
  • True Scale™ assessment construction based on state-of-the art psychometric science
  • Measures all known types of Call Reluctance
  • Measures 7 call reluctance impostors
  • Easy-to-read reports
  • Numerous quality assurance checks to ensure compliance with instructions
  • Results confirmable by direct observation
  • Legal compliance
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