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ADP - Payroll

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ADP - Payroll puts a comprehensive and easy-to-use payroll solution right on the company PC - and supports you with industry-leading software and the system support specialist, allowing the employer to run the payroll process from the company office. ADP payroll processes what the company transmits to them as a matter of payroll information, such as hours worked, payroll periods and employee information in order to generate checks, payroll taxes reports and payroll forms. The ADP Payroll Knowledge test focuses primarily on running the ADP payroll system. Those using ADP Payroll should know principles of payroll, such as wages calculation, methods of payments, payroll deductions, statutory and voluntary deductions, tax depositing and filing and year end reporting in addition to the ADP system. This test is appropriate to administer to people with one or two years experience in payroll and knowledge of ADP Payroll for Windows functions. With some experience in filing and depositing taxes, labor laws, including but not limited to wages compensation, anybody can run successfully the ADP Payroll system from start a new cycle to year end reports.

Tests for General Accounting and Bookkeeping are also available.