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Cold Fusion MX 6.1

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Allaire's Cold Fusion is a web authoring application, similar to Microsoft's Active Server Pages, and is usually used in conjunction with a database. Cold Fusion files are HTML pages with additional Cold Fusion commands to query or update the database. These additional commands are written in Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML). When the page is requested by the user, the CFML commands are executed on the server and a "pure" HTML file is returned to the web browser. Cold Fusion can connect with any database that supports ODBC or OLE DB or one that has a native database driver. The Cold Fusion MX 6.1 test aims at assessing the Cold Fusion web developers ability to employ Cold Fusion on the job. This test covers such topical areas as integration, tags, functions, programming constructs, and database interaction.

Tests for Cold Fusion Scripting & Development and Active Server Pages are also available.