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FileMaker Pro 6

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The FileMaker Pro 6 database software lets users store, retrieve, organize, and analyze all types of data from complex billing records to customer accounts to home-video collections. It allows users to manage vast quantities of information, as well as share this information with other applications both on the network and over the Internet. The FileMaker Pro 6 test covers a comprehensive range of topics, designed to evaluate the test taker’s familiarity with general program usage and interface controls; ability to create and manage fields, field interactions, styles and relationships; skills applicable to calculations and scripting functionality; understanding of web and network integration; as well as knowledge of database security features and limitations. This test is appropriate for people with prior knowledge of FileMaker Pro software (version 6 or lower), who are working in the field of database development, database design or database administration.

Tests for Adobe PageMaker 6.5 and Corel Quattro Pro 9.0 are also available.