Financial Management

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The Financial Management Test is designed to assess various skill levels and competencies in the financial management of a company. The test is specifically geared towards assessing the skill level and basic knowledge of 1) financial markets and interest rates, 2) the financial management of working capital, 3) the determination of optimal capital structure and firm valuation, 4) accounting and controlling, 5) applying financial planning and decision support principles, and 6) understanding business combinations and restructurings. These are the concepts and areas of knowledge that the finance manager must deal with on a daily basis. The target audience would be those persons applying for managerial and staff positions in financial planning and analysis; financial and cost accounting (CFO, Controller, Accounting Manager) including managerial positions in receivables, payables and inventory; and treasury management/staff functions.

Tests for Corporate Tax Accounting, Payroll Management, Partnership Tax Accounting, and Cost Accounting are also available.