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MAS 90 - Bookkeeping

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Mas 90 Bookkeeping is an all around program that is easy to use and very flexible. Mas 90 includes various accounting modules for easy processing of data. Each module forms a complete, flexible and accurate accounting software system. An example of some of the modules included are General Ledger, which streamlines the bookkeeping and accounting transactions while providing an unlimited selection of financial reporting capabilities. The next module is Accounts Receivable which is used to track receivables, prepare invoices and billing from within the system, create customer statements as needed, plan and prepare cash flow and statements and provides extensive reporting features as well. Another module is Accounts Payable which can be used to set up accounting by department or division, audit all changes, print vendor checks within the system, and use multiple bank accounts. The next module is Bank Reconciliation which can drastically simplify your monthly reconciliation process as well as detect any errors and unrecorded transactions between your books and bank statements. Those using Mas 90 Bookkeeping and it’s various modules should know principles of accounting, such as data entry and write up procedures, processing of financial statements, billing methods and payment processing methods, payroll procedures and deduction processing in addition to the Mas 90 system. This test is appropriate to administer to people with one or two years experience in accounting and knowledge of Mas 90 Bookkeeping for Windows functions, with some experience in Accounts Payables and Receivables. With continued use, anybody can master the use-friendly modules in Mas 90 and process professional reports which can be tailored to suit everyone's needs.

Tests are also available for Professional Bookkeeping and General Ledger Knowledge.