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Mechanical Engineering: Thermodynamics Fundamentals

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The Mechanical Engineering: Thermodynamics Fundamentals test targets certain knowledge sets that are acquired through study and application of thermodynamics and heat transfer. Basic, intermediate, and advanced questions are presented. Some questions target analytic skills while others are directed toward knowledge that is likely to be gained through experience in the field. A calculator might be helpful, but is not required. Where needed, conversion factors are given and where possible, questions employ units which make the arithmetic simple. Thermodynamic cycles and plants are covered, as are the first and second laws of thermodynamics. Conduction, convection, and radiation are also included. Questions target knowledge, comprehension, and application of the subject matter. This test would be appropriate for screening candidates for any industry, though some questions might not be appropriate for all industries. It is left to the discretion of those using the test to weigh the significance of each question. A test Mechanical Engineering: Machine & Tool Design is also available.