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Nurse Practitioner

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A nurse practitioner should be able to compile medical history, physical exam data, and laboratory or test information to form a differential diagnosis on a given patient's health complaint (for common, well-defined, disease entities). Using this information, the nurse practitioner is equipped to treat those disease states with up-to-date therapies. Beyond that, the nurse practitioner is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the nursing profession as a whole, and must possess an understanding of the regulatory bodies that govern the profession, an understanding of the business of providing excellent care, and an understanding of research processes which foster continuous quality improvement. The Nurse Practitioner assessment is designed to test the level of understanding a nurse practitioner has of these aspects of professional practice, and to differentiate those with only a basic understanding from those with more in-depth clinical and scientific acumen. Topics include anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, regulatory issues, professional practice, and research.

Assessments forRegistered Nurse (RN), LPN/LVN, and Bloodborne Pathogens - Infection Control are also available.