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QuarkXPress 5 Advanced

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QuarkXPress, once primarily an application for simple desktop publishing and text- oriented document creation, has evolved with capabilities challenging the veteran typographer, graphic artist and web designer. This test qualifies the level of advanced proficiency the applicant has with the program to differentiate between those using QuarkXPress primarily for: Word processing (administrative assistant); creative layouts (corporate graphic artist); or highly technical design (art director or production artist of a service bureau or ad agency). The Advanced test escalates beyond the applicants’ fundamental knowledge of the program to assess their expanded understanding of text styles and formats, web document creation, preprint or web preparation abilities, as well as their advanced print production and troubleshooting techniques. This test is appropriate to administer to those who will be required to employ advanced level skills using QuarkXpress 5 on the job.

Tests for QuarkXPress 5 Basic and Desktop Publishing Theory Skills are also available.